This is to document all the standard ways I'm documenting things on this page. Figure this is a combination of HTML coding reference and style guide.

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Representation of Keyboard Keys

Key Name Keyboard Key Label Text-Only Convention Notes
Function FN, fn or Fn Fn Cord used on laptops where one key may represent multiple functions. Distinct from “classic” function keys at top of the keyboard (F1, etc.).
Function Number F1, F2, etc. F1, F2, etc. Classic function keys (“Press F1 for help”, etc.)
Escape Escape or Esc E or M See Meta
Control Control or Ctrl C
Shift Shift S
Alternate Alt A
Command Command or Cmd
Option Option or O On Macs–may be used as Alt.
Meta N/A M Does not exist on contemporary hardware

Notes for Representation of Keyboard Keys

Note: These conventions were started on December 26, 2020. Pages or sections created prior to this may not be consistent with such formatting and styles.

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