EMACS: General Keys

M stands for the Meta, which exists on older keyboards. On modern keyboards, it is achieved either by pressing and releasing ESC then the next key, or holding down the ALT key and the next key at the same time. Depending on the system, it may be one or the other, or both may be an option.

General Movement and DELetion

Scope Move Forward Move Backward Delete Forward Delete Backward
Characters C-f C-b C-d or Backspace DEL
Words M-f M-b M-d M-DEL
Lines C-n C-p C-K (to EOL) C-Space C-a C-w
Sentences M-e M-a M-k C-x DEL
Expressions C-M-f C-M-b C-M-k C-M-DEL
Paragraphs M-} M-{ N/A N/A
End/Start of Line C-e C-a N/A N/A
End/Start of Buffer M-> M-< N/A N/A
Screen-Full C-v or Page Up M-v or Page Down N/A N/A


Keystroke Function
C-x 1 Make current window the only one
C-x 0 Make the other window the only one
C-x 2 Split window horizontally
C-x 3 Split window vertically
C-x o Switch window

Files and Buffers

Keystroke Function
C-x C-f Find (Open) File
C-x C-s Saves file
C-x C-w “Save As”
C-x b Switch buffer
C-x C-b List Buffers
C-x k Kill Buffer


Keystroke Function
C-_ or C-x u Undo
C-q Quote the next key, even if a command
C-x C-c Exit EMACS
M-| Shell Command on Region. Put numerical argument and output will replace region (so M-1 M-|)

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Created by I. Charles Barilleaux
Last Update: 2021-03-27