Laptop Keyboard Assignments

Laptops often use cords to emulate keys that are less common, in order to save some space relative to a full size keyboard. Unfortunately, each laptop is slightly different, or does not display those keys. This guide helps show what they keys are on a variety of systems I commonly use.

"Typical function" describes the default OS behavior of the key without any modifier (such as Control). Note that specific applications may assign different functions to these keys.

Full Sized Keyboard Key Typical Function MacBook Pro Lenovo ThinkPad T490 Notes
Home Move to the start of a line FN- Home  
End Move to the end of a line FN- End  
Page Up or PGUP Move up a screen-full FN- PgUp  
Page Down or PGDN Move down a screen-full FN- PgDn  
Backspace Delete the character to the left of the cursor. Delete Backspace  
Delete Delete the character to the right of the cursor. FN-Delete Delete  
Insert Toggles between "insert" and "overwrite" text entry modes. None Insert  
Print Screen Toggles between "insert" and "overwrite" text entry modes. None PrtSc Macs don't have a dedicated key--they leverage other buttons.

Specific Laptop Notes

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Created by I. Charles Barilleaux
Last Update: 2021-04-02