Random Items

This page is for random things. In some cases, it's stuff that just doesn't quite fit in anywhere else. In other cases, it is a place to stash something I intend to put in as part of a larger reference page, but want to tuck it away so that I don't lose it.

sudo within EMACS

This is to open a file as root within an EMACS session. This allows EMACS to be started as a user (as oppsed to sudo emacs filename). Quite handing for an X Windows session. It's really rather simple:

  1. C-x C-f to open the file open "dialog."
  2. Clear out the line (if applicable).
  3. Type /sudo::path and filename
Added 2020-12-20, from Stack Exchange. I expect this will be added to an EMACS section.

Forcing a Reload of a Webpage in Chrome

This key sequence will force the Chrome browser to go to the server for pages, rather than accessing the cache. There is a full set of instructions for a variety of operating systems and browsers.

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Last Update: 2020-12-26