Within tmux, there is a key prefix for commands. Default is C-b. To access a command line, it's prefix then colon (C-b :).


This is from the command line.

Start new:


...or with a name:

tmux new -s session name

What sessions am I running: tmux list-sessions or tmux ls


Killing a session: tmux kill-session session number or tmux kill-session -t session name

Detaching from a session: C-b d Display time: C-b t


Panes are splits within a screen.

Keystroke Function
C-b % Split vertically
C-b " Split horizontally
C-b ARROW Move to pane in the direction of the arrow
C-b x Kill pane
C-b o Swap panes
C-b { Move current pane left
C-b } Move current pane right


Windows replace what's in your terminal session. Think of a virtual screen in a GUI system.

Keystroke Function
C-b c Create window
C-b n Next window
C-b p Previous window
C-b number Jump to window number number
C-b , Name window
C-b & Kill window

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Last Update: 2020-12-19