Text Entry/Command

The area to enter commands and messages has EMACS like key bindings to get around (C-a, etc.). Special ones below...

Keystroke Function
C-c b Set Bold Text
C-c c Set Colored Text
C-c i Set Italic Text
C-c o Color Reset
C-c v Reverse Color
C-c _ Set Underline Text
UP Previous Command/Message
DOWN Next Command/Message

Buffers and Windows

Keystroke :Function
ALT-Left Cycle Buffers One Way
ALT-Right Cycle Buffers the Other Way
PGUP Scroll Backwards in Buffer History
PGDN Scroll Forwards in Buffer History
C-l Redraw Window


Commands are initiated with a forward-slash (/) character in the command/message line. Some key ones:

Keystroke Function
/away message Sets away message. Put -all for all servers. Remove with no message.
/quit Quits WeeChat

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Created by I. Charles Barilleaux
Last Update: 2020-10-12